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This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, QuantumListing Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList.

Get to know the benefits enjoyed by QuantumListing website visitors.

Did you know that all the active listings you add to our site are visible to QuantumListing’s visitors?

That’s right! There is no paywall for someone to see your listings. They don’t even have to register. All of our active listings are visible to visitors.

You can’t see it, but we’re giving all the nice people who visit our site a standing ovation. You should too. The folks that visit and are not yet members are responsible for most of the leads our premium members get. 

Thank you, all you wonderful visitors!

They Do Get Here from There

If they aren’t members, how do they get here? Well, most of them land directly on your listing or profile page from Google and other internet searches. Our SEO (search engine optimization) rocks, and that’s because we are constantly working to improve it each week. 

Another way that we direct people to the website is through regular email blasts. You can also use QuantumListing to send out emails to a few people, or even to a CSV or Excel file worth of their own contacts.

Speaking of site arrivals via email, many website visitors click on your email address from your listing page in order to get into contact with you. 

Still others arrive from iFrames that our members use to serve listings to their website. If you didn’t know, that feature is included with your Premium Membership!

How else? Our members’ listings and profiles get views from social media too, especially Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We share your listings to our social media accounts, and have made it really easy for anyone else to do that too. We frequently remind our members during our webinars to share their profiles to their business social media, particularly LinkedIn. 

Some of our members have large Instagram followings. They have links to their QuantumListing profile and get hundreds of views each time they add a new Instagram post.

That’s Nice, But What Can a Visitor Do?

Now that you know how visitors get here, whatcan they do once they are here? 

  • Click on your email address to send you an email from their own email service. 
  • Click on your phone number to call you. 
  • Click on your name to visit your profile and see all of your listings. 
  • Click on the Contact the Agent button and fill out the lead capture form.  (When they are viewing your listing for 15 seconds or more, the form will pop up to encourage them to contact you).
  • When the listing that brought them to QuantumListing is only the start of their search, they can click on a hyperlink at the top of listings to search other listings in that community. 
  • Start a completely new filtered search from the top of the page.
  • Read our blog.
  • Sign up for a webinar.
  • Schedule a demo.
  • Request weekly updates on our members’ listings.
  • Request help from a professional in their market.
  • Become a Basic member and open up an array of additional features.
  • Become a Premium member, add listings, and open up even more features.

Wow, That’s a Lot!

It sure is. 

And, guess what! Members can do EVEN MORE. Check back soon to learn what free Basic Members and paid Premium Members can do that visitors can’t.