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Have you looked at your analytics on QuantumListing? Read on to find out how to access your analytics and what you can learn from them.

At QuantumListing, we take pride in the many ways that our website helps to give your listings the best exposure for the lowest price while simultaneously connecting you to a network of other commercial real estate professionals, making QuantumListing the community that it is. 

While we certainly enjoy detailing our new and best features regularly on the blog and webinar series, we also want to make sure we are clear on exactly how rewarding the ROI is for your listings and profile on QuantumListing. 

This installment of our blog details the first four charts you’ll find in the Analytics section of the Info tab of the left hand side bar menu on your Profile page. Keep an eye out for future installments to learn more about the other Analytics features.

And Now, a Closer Look

We frequently talk about how QuantumListing gives the maximum exposure for your listings, so let’s take a deeper look at exactly what that is. In order to do this, we want to show you close up what QuantumListing’s analytics looks like, what is recorded, and also give specific examples of how many views our members are getting while using our site. 

All Premium Members ($89.99 per year for unlimited listings) get full access to all analytics which includes their Listing Views, Profile Views, Profile Shares, Listing Shares, Leads, PDF Exports and Downloads as well as all relevant On Demand Advertising Analytics including Listing Promotion, Brand Promotion, and Online Advertisement on the Google Display Network. 

From the Profile Page under the sidebar menu, you can click on the section titled Info and then go ahead and select “Analytics”. 

Analytics menu

LIsting Views

The most important component of the Analytics section is the Listing Views. This chart represents the number of times your listings have shown up in search results. Rather than tell you how much exposure your listings get on our site, we would rather show you! Below is a screenshot from one of our members, who has received a total of 324,733 views of his listings as of this blog post. It is important to note that this view count is without any additional boosts using our Listing Promotion feature. 

Listing Views Chart

Promoted Listings

A way to get additional exposure for a very small extra cost is to use our Listing Promotion feature which boosts your listing to the top of searches in your market. This user promoted their listings 19 times ($7.50 per listing) and that boost got them 15,123 extra views. 

Promoted Listings Chart

With both the Listing Views and Listing Promotion portions of the Analytics section, you can also filter by specific listing. Otherwise, it will show the analytics for all of your listings at once.

Additionally, all components of the Analytics section include the view count for the past week, the past month, or all time. 

Brand Promotion

Along with Listing Promotion, Brand Promotion is another way to boost yourself to the top of searches in your market. With this feature, you get to market your own company and logo, and when people click on the advertisement, it brings them to your Profile with all of your listings. This is a great option since it will show your most up to date listings and you don’t have to worry about the information being current (as long as you keep your listings updated), unless of course you rebrand and your logo changes! 

This user did 24 months of brand promotion resulting in over 20,000 views

Promoted Banners Chart

Online Advertisement

The three major components of our On Demand Marketing Center are Listing Promotion, Brand Promotion, and Online Advertisement using our Google Display Network. Online Advertisement is one of the best ways to get an extraordinary return on your investment. Check out the table below to see the incredible exposure that our members have enjoyed using this feature!

Online Advertisement chart

As you can see, many people utilizing this feature are running the ads again and again because of the results!
Online Advertisement Graph

More to Come

There is a lot more data available in our Analytics section. We’ll discuss what else you can learn iin future posts.

One important thing to note is that your Premium membership must be current in order to view your Analytics. Click the button below to renew today for $89.99 to regain access to this important information.

If you would like more information on how your listings are doing to help you in your renewal decision, contact Julia, our Customer Success Advocate to set up a call. You can reach her at [email protected]