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We speak with many CRE brokers every week from across the country. Some of them are our clients and others want to learn more about what we do for CRE brokers. We work with and speak to CRE brokers of all ages and experience levels. We have helped them get started and seen them into retirement.

CRE brokers can have high, but highly variable, incomes. Our specially designed suite of services optimizes tax strategy, cash flow management and financial planning.

We are here to provide all the knowledge and education needed to help you be a financially successful CRE broker. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or work with an advisor, we hope to say something that will make you want to learn more about working with our team of advisors, who understand your industry with its challenges and opportunities.

If you’re inclined to do this on your own, great! We hope our content will help you do a better job of managing this yourself. We also recognize that many of the more senior CRE brokers already have an established relationship with a financial advisor and/or a CPA. We are not here to interfere with that relationship.

If you’re already working with an advisor (or you can’t walk away from your brother-in-law who is “helping you out”), then we hope our content will help you push your advisor to do more for you. We also hope you will let your newer brokers know who we are, what education we’re providing and that there is a right way to receive income, minimize taxes and save for the future.

If they know this early on, then they won’t have to say the most common comment we get from CRE brokers after they begin working with us of, “I wish we would have had this conversation ten years ago!”

Share our content. Share our name. Schedule a call with us. Remember, you’re just asking for a colleague…