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In the past, commercial real estate was seen as sluggish to adopt new trends.

The traditional models of this business weren’t broken, so why fix them? This was the mentality that long dominated CRE, save a few innovative leaders in the field.

Fast forward to 2021 and these assumptions about commercial real estate are anything but true. When push came to shove, commercial real estate as a whole embraced technology-driven solutions to the problems the industry was facing.

“How Could CRE Leasing Be Digitized?”

At one time, this mainstream push for fully online commercial leasing seemed impossible.

How would CRE professionals and clients get a deal to closing without ever meeting in person? Commercial leasing was already a slow-moving process, and the idea of remote deals seemed like an unnecessary difficulty.

Well, now we know that those industry assumptions were anything but true.

Fully-online commercial leasing is not only possible, but it’s also productive and proficient. Technology helps deals move faster, mitigates the security risks of paper processes, and sets up an easier experience for brokers and their clients.

How New Are CRE’s New Normals? 

The unspoken reality of these trends that define the “new normal” of commercial real estate is that they aren’t completely new.

Forward-thinking integrators in commercial real estate have been working to increase technology’s presence in the leasing process. The benefits of digital leasing were known and understood before the pandemic, but they weren’t being put into practice on the scale we’re seeing today.

Technology platforms are mobile-friendly, accessible, easy-to-navigate, and secure. It makes commercial deal-making easier for everyone involved, helping to streamline the entire process.

Today, commercial leasing has gone digital — and there’s no turning back. Whether it’s hybrid or fully-remote, technology has boosted the efficiency of commercial real estate in big ways.

Let’s look at what technologies are being adopted by the industry to successfully deliver digital leasing in commercial real estate.

Premier Leasing Portals 

Commercial real estate leasing is a multistep process. In order to get everything covered, from property marketing to the final closing, CRE professionals need a premier leasing portal on their side.

Using an online portal is a must. Using a mobile-friendly leasing portal lets both agents and their clients enjoy greater flexibility. They can handle their tasks at their convenience — without ever having to leave the office.

A Winning Transaction Manager

Agents need a place to organize all of their leasing services.

A strong transaction manager makes it easy, safe, and simple to conduct the leasing process. From setting up and sharing tours to viewing new offerings, or rating the properties that your clients liked best — a good transaction manager is a necessity in 2021 and beyond.

Everything Is Easier With All-In-One Solutions

When agents use an all-in-one PropTech solution for their commercial real estate needs, they’re streamlining their workflows in substantial ways.

Agents can stay connected with clients and property owners, get real-time alerts, view proposals, negotiate online, and even track the deal’s progression. Nothing is better for sticking to a budget and moving a deal to closing than a seamless network of tech solutions.

RealNex offers all of this and more. If you’re interested in exploring our industry-leading all-in-one, fully-synced commercial real estate platform, visit our website. From our Transaction Manager to our CRM, we’ve got you covered every step of the deal.