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This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, QuantumListing Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList.

In today’s world of information overload, how can you and your company stay top of mind?

One of the many features available in QuantumListing’s On Demand Marketing Center is Brand Promotion. When you choose Brand Promotion, you can display your own personal or company brand at the top of searches in your market. 

When website visitors and QuantumListing users click on the ad, it brings them directly to your profile displaying any active listings or even “Wants.” Because Brand Promotion has been so popular, we decided to expand this feature and create an even more comprehensive version of Brand Promotion. Introducing… Network Brand Promotion! 

Networks + Brand Promotion = Network Brand Promotion!

Network Brand Promotion essentially combines two of our features, the first is the aforementioned Brand Promotion and the second is QuantumListing’s Networks. When you join QuantumListing, you are added to a Network based on your geographic area. 

Our Networks were originally designed to enhance productivity by making it easy to find the listings most geographically relevant to you. While most of our Networks are state-based, Networks are also available for your company so that all of your firm’s commercial real estate listings can be grouped together on one page. This feature is especially useful to our members who send their listings over via syndication from Buildout, SharpLaunch or RealNex.

Share, Share, Share

Just like QuantumListing Profile pages, you can share a QuantumListing Network page via various channels and methods in order to gain additional exposure for your company’s listings. Specifically, you or your social media marketer can share the page via email, social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and you can also create an iFrame using a snippet of code (which you can then embed into your website or blog). 

Get More Traffic to Your Listings

While the Network page itself is a terrific place to display all of your company’s agents and listings in one place, Network Brand Promotion is a way to draw extra attention and traffic to your listings.

Our team will work with you to help make your company’s own Network and we will also assist in the creation of the ad image for your brand promotion. You get to choose the market in which you want your brand promotion to show. Once the ad is up and running, website visitors and QuantumListing members see the promotion at the top left of the search page in your market. 

Once a prospect clicks on the ad, it brings them to your Network page and all of your teams’ listings. The visitor can then drill down by member if they want to see a particular agents’ listings. Or, if they would like to filter by Asset or Trade type they can also select the appropriate item from the dropdown menu. Additionally, they can search by location if they want to see all of the listings in a particular city, county, or state. 

Pay Attention Buildout, SharpLaunch and RealNex Users

This feature is particularly helpful for Buildout, SharpLaunch and RealNex users because many brokerages have several different agents syndicating their listings to our site, creating an individual profile page for each agent. While it is important for each agent to have their own page, we also know how frequently marketing managers and teams want the listings to all sit in one place. 

Networks provide the space for these teams to gather their listings and Brand Promotion creates the route for visitors to follow so that they can land upon your listing page and get in touch with you to generate quality leads and foster dealmaking.

Thanks to You

Many conversations and suggestions from members led to the decision to implement this feature, so we thank you, our QuantumListing community, for continually giving us feedback and helping inspire us to improve our site and help you make your commercial real estate practice more successful!