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This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, QuantumListing Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList.

Syndication partnerships are an important part of our growth strategy. Learn more about our new syndication partnership with RealNex.

Back in 2018, in our blog post, From Seinfeld to QuantumListing: The Power of Syndication, I wrote the following about syndications: 

“They save brokerages and owners countless hours of data entry time, making it much easier for listings to appear on more services than ever before. With more listings, a visit to QuantumListing provides much more information, adding incredible value to those that click on to the site. However, the purpose of a listing marketplace like QuantumListing is not just to generate a pool of listings and site searches. It is to help agents, owners, buyers and tenants find each other, making the real estate market more efficient. The distribution that our syndication partnerships will provide our users is another important step in bringing the supply and demand side closer together in an efficient and cost-effective manner.” 

That is all still true today, maybe even more so, as the world has taken another giant step toward starting their commercial real estate searches online.

We value our inbound and outbound syndication partnerships with Leavitt Digital, Buildout, SharpLaunch and the CRE Collaborative. They have brought tremendous value to our respective members and users. The addition of RealNex to this incredible roster has us excited at QuantumListing.

The Back Story

Pre-COVID, I participated in several commercial real estate and CRE tech conferences each year. Meeting new people and networking with peers is one of the main reasons I attend. Because I am a broker in addition to being the QuantumListing founder, I often find myself gravitating toward the CRE technology people that also have brokerage backgrounds. 

One such individual is Jeff Finn, the Chief Executive Office of RealNex. Prior to RealNex, Jeff was CEO of brokerage behemoth, NAI Global. Jeff is smart, thoughtful, and well informed about all aspects of commercial real estate and its growing technology cohort. I always enjoy talking with Jeff at these events.

The Call

Earlier this year, Jeff reached out to discuss implementing a syndication from RealNex to QuantumListing. The RealNex team listened to input from its customers that wanted an easy way to distribute their listings to other services. I knew that this would be a win, not only for RealNex and QuantumListing members, but also, for all of the visitors to our site, because it would boost the network effect we already enjoy. (If you don’t know about network effects, check out this article from our blog.)

Our two tech teams got together to put the plan into action. RealNex users can now easily join QuantumListing and share their listings 

Hold On a Minute, What is RealNex?

RealNex is an integrated technology solution for commercial real estate professionals. Their platform combines a CRM, an extensive suite of marketing tools, and their own marketplace. Real estate broker, educator and speaker Adam Von Romer calls it “the Swiss Army Knife of CRE tech.”

If you want to learn more, they have a great customer success team headed by Matthew Smith to help get you started.

If You Are Already a RealNex Member, Do This Now

  1. From the top of the page on the RealNex Marketplace, click the Syndication button.
  2. If you are not yet a QuantumListing member, click the blue QuantumListing link next to the logo in order to sign up. If you are a QuantumListing member, you can skip to step 3!
  3. Click the button that says “Connect Account.”
  4. From here, once you start your QuantumListing subscription, your listings will automatically syndicate from RealNex to QuantumListing.
  5. We highly recommend that you schedule a demo to learn how to use our platform. Plus, you can use code REALNEX20 for 20% off our brand promotion, listing promotion, and email blast packages.  

We Are Delighted

In the press release announcing the syndication partnership, Jeff Finn said, “Our new syndication model allows our clients to simply and easily receive additional exposure for their offerings. We are delighted to be working with Quantum as our first syndication partner.”

The team at QuantumListing is equally delighted to be working with your team. We’ve already welcomed our first members from RealNex and look forward to working with many more long into the future. We can’t wait to be a beloved and well used resource in their toolkit.