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This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, QuantumListing Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList.

If you read last week’s blog post, you now know what a visitor to can do. Membership has its benefits, though, even when you still don’t have to pay. Learn about Basic Membership.

Last week, we highlighted the many ways that QuantumListing Visitors can utilize our site when they arrive and start their commercial real estate search. One of the key components of QuantumListing’s value proposition is that there is no registration or paywall in order to view listings and get in touch with agents. 

To learn more about all that visitors can do, check out the blog post and webinar from last week.

More Than A Visitor…

While there are several ways to use QuantumListing as a visitor, you can get even more out of our site by becoming a Basic member. (Keep in mind that if you are looking to add listings, you will need to be a Premium member, which we have kept at the low price of $89.99/year for unlimited listings). 

Basic membership is free and includes a variety of networking and search tools that will help you connect with commercial real estate professionals and find the property you are looking for. 

Basic But Bountiful

Basic Members can do all that QuantumListing visitors can, and also enjoy the following features: 

  1. Add a Profile Photo, Company Logo, Bio, Contact Information, and Social Media.
  2. Share listings via Email*
  3. Save listings to Favorites.
  4. Save commercial real estate Wants” to Favorites.
  5. Copy the snippet of code (iFrame) for your website or blog.
  6. Make a Note on a listing to access later from the Info section on your Profile Page.
  7. Create a Listing Report and then share the report via Email, download it as a PDF, or take an iFrame snippet for a website or blog.
  8. Create a Listing Flyer PDF auto-populated based on the existing listing description, parameters, and images.
  9. Follow another QuantumListing member.
  10. Send a peer-to-peer chat to another QuantumListing member.
  11. Join a State Haves and Wants Group.
  12. Access your Notification Center to stay up to date with new followers, chat messages, and more. 
  13. Invite your friends to join QuantumListing directly from your Profile Page.
  14. Copy your Profile Link directly from your Profile Page – you can then easily add this to your email signature!
  15. Upgrade to Premium Membership directly from Profile Page. 

We have designed Basic Membership to include all features necessary for searching our site. If you would like to add your listings or post your “Wants” in our commercial real estate marketplace, we recommend becoming a Premium Member. Stay tuned for our next blog post in this three-part series to learn more about what QuantumListing Premium Members can do. 

*Note: “It’s A Blast” Email feature not accessible for Basic Members