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Author: Aaron Weiner This post originally appeared on Insights and is republished with permission. Find out how to blog with us on theBrokerList.

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The Hub and Spoke Office Concept Is About As New As The Wagon Wheel

The work at home tsunami that came in the pandemic’s wake really did get everyone to look at office space in a new light. Some are eliminating it altogether (at their peril, in my opinion.) Many are contemplating a hybrid model that splits the work week into at-home days and in-the-office days. But for some, work at home has presented the challenge
of measuring productivity and teamwork and for those, the hub and spoke idea makes sense – that is, keeping core corporate workers in the main office (the “hub”) and putting team modules in smaller offices in outlying submarkets closer to where the employees live and perhaps closer to their customers as well (the “spoke”). In some cases, this generates some cost savings
as suburban office space costs less than space in the central business district in many markets. Many firms may opt to trade off those cost savings for more expensive executive suites or coworking spaces but offer flexibility for fluctuating head counts and short term commitments.
There is a lot to consider. Get a good tenant rep broker on your team to lead the discussion and shine a light into the corners of your real estate strategy that may need illuminating.

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