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As a commercial real estate professional, you have the potential to make a big name for yourself and become a top player in the industry. But a CRE broker’s job is much different than the job of your typical broker.

Selling or leasing a commercial property not only takes a lot more time, but it also takes much more analytical data, analysis, financial information, and knowledge. It takes someone who is passionate, persistent, hardworking, and ambitious. 

So, to help you build your reputation in the industry, here are 5 ways you can succeed as a commercial real estate professional and become a top-performing broker: 

Top 5 ways to become a successful CRE broker

1. Build your brand

Your potential customers want to work with a broker who is reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and known for their specialization within their city. And when executed well, your personal brand will not only show your potential customers what they can expect if they choose to work with you, it will also set you apart from the competition.

But it is important to remember that reputable brands aren’t built overnight. You’ll need to establish yourself through a professional online presence, valuable content, CRE networking events, and client testimonials—to name a few. Although building your brand takes a lot of time, it is crucial to the growth of your business. 

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Brokers essentially work in sales, so it is important to prioritize communication—both internally within your team and externally with clients. Encouraging an open line of communication with clients in both active and closed deal stages will be vital to your success.

Keep in contact with all of your prospects and existing clients so you stay top of mind. Send follow ups with valuable information and reach out even when you won’t get anything out of it. Because when a potential or existing client is in need of your services, you’ll be the first agent they think of.

3. Value your relationships

While commercial real estate involves property deals and big transactions, you’re still working with actual people. And without those people—your clients—there’s no business.

So, make it obvious that you value those relationships and you always have their best interest in mind. Send personal thank-you messages to clients, touch base with the members of your professional network, and truly get to know the people you are working with—because people want to work with people they like.

4. Get involved in the CRE community

Networking in the CRE industry is a must—because commercial real estate is all about relationships and connections. Being involved in the community and with other professionals in your office contributes to your success. So, if you want to be a top-performing CRE broker, you’ll need to make an effort to be social.

Be sure to join CRE networking groups and organizations to widen your network; establish a strong social media presence to stay connected to your current and potential network; and attend, host, and speak at commercial real estate events whenever you can. 

5. Leverage a powerful CRM

A powerful and robust CRM system is one that will help you save time, improve relationships with clients, and streamline your workflows. And as a commercial real estate professional or broker, it’s efficiencies that drive revenue. 

Look for a CRM and database that can catalog all of your contact information and property data—one that can be integrated with every part of your brokerage. To be a top-performing broker, you need top-performing tools. And leveraging not just any CRM—but a CRM built specifically for CRE—can help you get there.

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