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I invite you to choose you!

I’m a firm believer that extending a deep, pure love towards ourselves precipitates happiness and allows you to experience the true you. Happy means healthy. For example, scores of studies link happiness to a wide range of tangible benefits, such as less incidence of stroke, better resistance to viruses, colds and increased immune function, greater resilience to adversity, less physical pain, lower cortisol levels, and less stress and inflammation. With regard to happiness, research shows about 40 percent of our level of happiness is actually within our own control. Now isn’t that encouraging?

Have you ever experienced so much joy and happiness that you felt it in every cell of your body? I’m certain we all have. Studies show it actually goes even deeper – all the way to your genes! I also believe, based on all of the recent information coming out, that our ability to maintain our youthfulness is directly tied to our levels of happiness. It must certainly be anti-aging to bathe our cells in the beautiful chemicals that our inner pharmacy releases from experiencing happiness. The most effective way to ensure regular, daily doses of happiness is to be your own best friend.

Drenched in the power of love. What is important about this level of commitment to ourselves is that it recognizes wherever “we” go, there we are. This not only makes us a priority within our own lives, but also requires us to be our own best friend. Having the kind of friendship that is unwavering and everlasting, pours the power of love completely over our mind, body, and spirit. With this, we become drenched in its power. Among so many gifts, we have the power to give; this is perhaps the greatest gift that we can ever extend to ourselves.

With respect to the key areas of our life, it makes all of the difference in the world. With regard to our health, we must love ourselves unconditionally. With respect to our work in the world, we must love what we do. With respect to our relationships, we must love the people we are having this human experience with. Relationships cellularize in our bodies and have a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. However, it all starts with loving ourselves first. This is the greatest gift of love we all can experience.