Live podcast how to publish a book

April CREMarketing Live Podcast – How to Publish a Book

Have you ever been part of a LIVE podcast? Have you considered publishing a book? If so, that’s great! But if not, we have a great opportunity for you! You can do both if you join us on Tuesday, April 27th at 2 pm ET. Here is a sneak peek into what this episode will be about!!

How To Publish a Book

Thinking about becoming an author and actually doing it are two different things. One of the greatest challenges that prevents would-be authors from taking that first step is uncertainty. They don’t know the process, how to begin, what to expect or how to get started. This month Joshua Lyons, one of the founding members of the CREMarketing Call, will be moderating a conversation with Rod Santomassimo, The Massimo Group, Melissa Swader, Ruby Red Media and Sarah Malcolm, Quiet Valor and co-founder of the CREMarketing LIVE Podcast. Each of these panelists have taken the steps to becoming authors, and they will share their insights to help you do the same. Please join us Tuesday, April 27 2021 call at 2 pm ET.  I can tell you we all want to learn from these professionals who will be on the podcast.  We hope you listen in and join our conversation.

History of the CREMarketing LIVE Podcast

There is so much history to this call that started in January of 2017, and it truly is hard to believe how much time has passed since the inception of the #CREMarketing call. The CREMarketing call was founded by Sarah Malcolm of Quiet Valor, Joshua Lyons of Joshua Lyons Marketing and myself. I cannot believe it myself when I look at the volumes of calls we have had over the years and the thousands of people we have had on our panels and have met on the calls! It is fascinating to see the topics and the trends that have changed over the last five years as well as our approach to the call. It has been a constantly changing and improving team effort.

What is most interesting is how we have evolved. It really started as a simple call. When we started it was on Skype and then we found UberConference. We have truly grown with UberConference as they have made so many improvements to the platform. UberConference was around long before Zoom. So we were kind of zooming before it was even a thing.

Then our process of managing the registrants and the notifications got unruly so we became a Meetup. Meetup is a wonderful platform for pulling people together with common interest in meeting up, either physically or virtually. Even though we were virtual, once again, we were ahead of our time with being “virtual” with our meetup. Then the COVID virus hit and Zoom just took over the planet. We kept plugging along and recording our meetups using UberConference.

For a few years we toyed with the idea of a podcast but did not do it. We did much talking, but no action. So we just recorded the calls and displayed each call here. Now in 2021 we finally made the decision to jump in and make it a podcast. So what is cool about our podcast is that it is LIVE. That means everybody can be on our podcast and engage with our conversation. We think it is a cool hybrid of a meetup and a podcast so we hope you join us one day and experience a LIVE Podcast!!

Oh, we also have a standing day and time and have not changed that day and time for 5 years! We are always the last Tuesday of every month at 2 pm ET. Just grab our UberConference phone number to listen or log into UberConference to see our slide decks, either way works for us, but please register here.