Over and over again you hear the CRE Success debate between those who are out there (digitally) and those who are not. Yes, you can be successful with outreach, doing it old school, but the power and mass reach of meeting people digitally is just so much faster and voluminous.

The story is that I met Darren Krakowiak through Clubhouse! It was not through theBrokerList or Twitter, or Linkedin. Those are really my top 3 places for meeting people. So I have engaged with Darren and he has been the most gracious and kind and professional person. As soon as we met and started to talk about our business and what we had in common, we hit it off.

So I am here in North America and Darren is in Australia. To me, that is the magic and amazement of how we can all connect. Darren invited me to be on Episode 3 of his podcast and I was thrilled. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about, but it sure was fun to share the story of theBrokerList and give him my two cents worth on what brokers can do better. I engage with many brokers and their clients or soon-to-be clients all day long so we do know a thing or two about how that works!

Anyway, I know you probably know Darren if you are a frequenter of the various Clubhouse rooms, but here is more about Darren and I really hope you listen to the podcast. I am proud of the history we have here on tBL and this may shed light on what we are all about. We are super grateful to Darren for the gracious opportunity to be on his podcast too! Please check out CRESuccess.co and perhaps you can learn from Darren’s A – Z of CRE Success download as well!

Why CRE Success?

Hi, I’m Darren. I’ve spent 20 years in commercial real estate. 

I’ve held various department head roles at JLL in the Asia Pacific, and was the country head of CBRE Korea from 2015 to 2018. 

Over my career, I’ve had no trouble pushing myself and supporting others to get great results. 

So it wasn’t until I came back home to Melbourne in 2019, and I experienced the challenges of re-entering a market I spent over a decade outside of, that I saw something clearly for the first time: 

There aren’t enough resources for people working in commercial real estate who want to succeed. 

And there aren’t enough role models with the time and inclination to help others who want to accelerate their career trajectory. 

I did notice a few non-CRE experts dabbling in commercial real estate training – but they lacked industry context and the know-how needed to make a meaningful impact. You might notice they’re heavy on motivation content, but lighter on specifics related to our sector. 

I also discovered some CRE-specific resources, but a lot of these were more focused on an outdated model, with due consideration of long-standing principles (many that still hold true today), but often lacking the modern context and skills required to be competitive in today’s marketplace. 

I saw these gaps and noticed people around me with great potential, craving the support needed to advance more quickly… 

I sensed the opportunity to be of service and to lead on my own terms. 

So, in 2020 I took a leap of faith and founded CRE Success. 

I’ve rolled out a proprietary series of modules for corporate clients, helping their employees fast-track their performance. 

I continue to add to the curriculum, while also hosting CRE Success: The Podcast and regularly creating free content for my network on platforms like LinkedIn. 

There are now people located in eight countries inside “CRE Success: Membership”, a growing global community of industry professionals who are committed to learn and grow. 

I’ve made it my mission to guide individuals looking to produce consistent results, uncover more efficient processes, and strive for even bigger outcomes. 

And I took on the responsibility to be a leader in the industry who not only helps others succeed but sets an example for other leaders who are committed to elevating the people around them and scaling for growth. 

That’s what CRE Success is all about.

Best regards,

Darren Krakowiak, CRE Success
+61 450 700 069
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