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Every career has its ups and downs. 

We can call these downsides “necessary evils,” but are they necessary?

For commercial real estate agents, the least-favorite task is usually cold-calling.

Let’s face it. No one loves cold calling. In reality, most commercial agents hate it. It’s time-consuming, not always effective, and can just be plain awkward. 

However, most agents see cold calling as something that must be done. It can seem like there’s no way around this to-do — but is that true? 

Can Agents Really Stop Cold Calling?

The question is, is it possible to delete cold calling from your task list? 

That may sound too good to be true, but the fact is, there are alternatives to cold calling. What’s important here is that agents shouldn’t stop cold calling without replacing the system with an alternative way to engage with leads. If you just quit cold calling, it wouldn’t be good for business. 

But, if you replace cold calling (which you already don’t like) with something more effective (that you just might like better), then the equation levels out. 

It’s a win-win. Agents still propel their business, but they can avoid cold calling. 

Here are a few strategies that agents can adopt to replace the dreaded task of cold calling — because it’s possible. 

Post Regularly on Social Media

Social media is a commercial agent’s best friend. 

Being active on social media keeps real estate professionals top-of-mind with their network of clients, industry connections, and potential leads. Agents who post regularly on social media are doing the work of cold calling and then some. 

Social media has better reach than cold calling. One post can instantly reach hundreds or thousands of people, whereas a call takes time and only reaches a handful of people.

Go live on social media, host a virtual open house, or share your latest listings.

Send Out a Newsletter

Newsletters are another savvy way to replace cold calling. 

This marketing alternative keeps clients thinking about your services. Go beyond the simple outreach by offering something of value. Whether it’s a market snapshot of the local area or a highlight of a new trend, take this opportunity to be a thought leader.

Send Out Meaningful Content to your Sphere

Sending out custom cards, emails, or texts to your sphere is just as intimate as a cold-call, without the awkwardness of cold calling. 

Make the content meaningful for added impact. Reference your CRM to add specific details that you have on record. 

Produce a Mailer for Specific Sub-Markets

If you’re looking to do business in a specific location, maximize your reach by creating a custom mailer for that neighborhood.

This opens up the door for business without having to randomly call them. Plus, a paper mailer sticks around longer than a phone call or voice mail. Recipients may decide to do business with you later, down the line.

Agents, Embrace Your Options

It’s 2021 and there are better ways to market than cold calling. Commercial real estate professionals don’t need to stay stuck in the past. Instead, take initiative to improve your outreach tactics in ways that really work. With RealNex CRM these types of marketing campaigns to warm-up your leads is a breeze!

No matter what you choose to do, the fact remains that there are so many other marketing activities that can keep your sphere active and growing — so you don’t have to suffer the pain of cold calling any longer. 

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